What happens first?

Well, it’s a pretty intimate treatment, but not one to be worried about. First of you will meet with your beauty therapist and decide exactly what you want done, then you will be left in the room for a moment to get changed and hop on the bed, and relax. If you’ve had time to plan ahead, bring along a wet wipe for a quick clean up; you’ll feel a lot fresher and more confident before having your wax.

What do I wear?

It’s best to wear a skirt, or loose fitting pants – trying to pull jeans on after a wax can be tricky! Don’t worry about what underwear you have on as you’ll be given a disposable G-string to pop on, which you will wear throughout the treatment - for both hygiene and modesty

If you have any stray hairs, these will be tweezed after your waxing has finished, and a soothing lotion will then be applied.

How do they get to it all?

Your beauty therapist will wax both your front and back in a way that is comfortable for you, so don’t worry about being put in any awkward positions. Generally, while laying on your back you will have one bent leg relaxed to one side. To get to the back, you will bring your knees to your chest.

If you do have any stray hairs, they will be tweezed after your wax, and then a soothing lotion will then be applied to calm the skin

Does it hurt?

Yes. But only really on your first time, as the hair follicle is larger than if you had regular waxes. But having regular treatments (4-6 weekly) cuts down on the pain factor. Panadol or mild pain killers can be taken at least 20 minutes before your procedure to minimise the pain.

What happens afterwards?

After your Brazilian wax is over, your beauty therapist will recommend some take-home, after-care products to minimise any ingrown hairs.

Is there any downtime?

Not really, just avoid beaches or swimming straight afterwards at this will irritate your skin. Stay out of the sun, and don’t apply any overly perfumed products. Other than that, you’re all set.

How often do I need to come?

For the best results, keep it regular. By having more frequent appointments, it will hurt less, and you can keep on top of the hair growth cycle. If you use a hair inhibiting cream like, Inhibitif, you may find that this supports waxing as the hair will grow back slower and finer over time.

Is it a long term solution?

Waxing is semi-permanent as it only removes hair from the root, which grows back again. Although, unlike shaving, your hair takes longer to grow back and won’t grow back prickly, and after a long period of waxing the hair will actually grow back softer and lighter over time.

For a truly long term solution, laser hair removal might be good option; It’s a safe, cost effective and permanent hair removal solution for unwanted hair.

Whether you’re into Brazilian, an extended bikini, or a simple landing strip, there’s an option for everyone! For more information about Brazilian waxes or waxing in general, or you would like to book an appointment, contact us today on 0800 438 438.