"This month I started my new journey with my favourites over at Caci with Laser Hair Removal treatments that will be every 6-8 weeks over the next eleven months and let me finally be rid of the pesky shavers."

"As someone who has shaved their legs for over 30 years this is something pretty exciting, as well as when I think of all the plastic those razors over the years have put into the environment this also has a positive impact on a cause we as a family are passionate about to it’s a double winner."

"After the first treatment that I found funnily enough really relaxing rather than the anticipated uncomfortable experience, it was almost pain free and I got to lie there totally relaxed chatting to one of the lovely staff at Caci for an hour."
"I am already looking forward to my next session and as a person that lives in shorts and skirts in the summer months am very excited to see and share the results that I know will be another life changer from my friends at Caci." - Beth | @themorrismob