You get the best possible results

All of our treatment programmes are designed so you receive optimal results. Our ChillSculpt programme provides a consistent schedule of treatments (minimum of 4) which aids in the success of your results. ChillSculpt clients who have at least 4-6 sessions on a programme see greater results, then those who have only received one off treatments.

Repetition and letting your body do the work

On a ChillSculpt programme, your treatments are scheduled at regular intervals (usually about 5-6 weeks apart) to allow for your body to metabolize the treated fat. Once your body has successfully processed the frozen fat cells, it will be time for the next treatment, and to start the cycle again. 

You can trust us

Caci were the first to bring this technology to clinics nationwide, and since we started offering the treatment early last year we have done over 1,500 treatments. Caci’s Registered Nurses and Senior Beauty Therapist have been extensively trained at the Caci Training Academy, and they are the only ones who perform the treatment.

Payment options and reduced cost

Once on a ChillSculpt programme at Caci, we have a range of payment plans and options so your treatments can be paid off in a way that suits your lifestyle and budget, whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

A ChillSculpt treatment starts from $450, but the cost is then reduced if you’re on a programme.

Beauty rewards throughout the year

On a ChillSculpt programme, you can also enjoy all the other services we offer at Caci. We reward our programme clients with beauty rewards throughout the year, such as free facials and waxing. You’ll also enjoy 20% off all beauty therapy treatments such as brow and lash tints.

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