What to expect during your cosmetic injectables consultation



At Caci we are aiming to enhance your natural look, and part of this process is getting to know you and the results you would like to achieve during a free consultation in clinic. Because each treatment is personalised, and we understand that you don’t want to look frozen or overdone – you simply want to look and feel your best.

Upon arriving to your initial consultation, you will first be asked to fill out some forms to make sure we’re across your concerns, which treatments you’d like to discuss along with your medical history. It is important that we make sure your suitability for cosmetic injectables treatments – your safety comes first.

You will then meet with a Caci Treatment Coordinator to begin your consultation. Our Treatment Coordinators are experts in all of our treatments at Caci, they’re the best at putting together the best treatment plan options based on what you need.

During your consultation we’ll discuss your initial concerns with you, talk through anything you'd like to change or improve and then have a closer look at your area of concern.

From there, your Treatment Coordinator will recommend a tailored treatment plan that would be best suited for your needs as well as results.

We take the time to educate and answer any questions you have around how our treatments work and our payment options available too- you can pay for your treatments weekly, fortnightly or monthly – just a like a gym membership!

Our top tips:

  • Choose a clinic that is reputable and has treatment providers specifically trained to carry out injectables
  • Make sure to ask exactly what product is being used (At Caci we use Botox® and Juvederm) – sometimes a special offer might be too good to be true
  • Don’t be shy to share the results you would really like – so the team can put together the best options for you

After your complimentary consultation with a Caci Treatment Coordinator, you will be booked in for an appointment with one of our highly trained Registered Nurses for treatment.

Find out if Cosmetic Injectables are right for you. Book your free consultation by calling us on 0800 438 438 or request a consultation below.


Botox® is a Prescription Medicine containing 50,100 or 200 units of clostridium botulinum Type A toxin complex for injection.  It is used for the treatment of frown lines, crows feet and horizontal forehead lines.  It should be administered only by trained medical professionals. Cautions: people with defective neuro-muscular transmission disorders, presence of infection at site of injection, glaucoma, pregnancy and lactation.
Possible side effects include headaches, pain, burning or redness at injection site, local muscle weakness including drooping eye lids, lack of feeling & nausea.
Talk to your specialist about the benefits/risks of this procedure or if you have concerns or side effects. Note: Botox® treatment lasts about four months and after this time further courses of treatment may be necessary.  Speak to your specialist about your own situation”.
A charge applies. You will need to pay for treatment
Allergan, Auckland

Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.

JUVEDERM ULTRATM & JUVEDERM ULTRA PLUSTM injectable gels are Prescription Medicines containing 24 mg/mL cross linked hyaluronic acid. They are used for the filling of medium size and deep facial wrinkles by injection into the skin and for creating definition and volume in the lips. They should be administered only by trained medical professionals. Talk to your specialist about the benefits/risks of this procedure in appearance medicine. Cautions: Use in an area that has been treated with another dermal filler. People with autoimmune disease; or who are pregnant, breastfeeding, age under 18; or have an increased susceptibility to keloid formation and hypertrophic scarring. Possible Side Effects: Injection site inflammatory reactions (redness/swelling /itching/pain on pressure); induration or nodules; discolouration; weak filling effect. If you have any side effects or concerns speak to your doctor.
Note: Juvederm treatment lasts from about 12-24 months.

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