#TeamCaci - Meet Penny, Franchise & Operations Manager

Franchising Caci


Penny Chapman went from Sales Manager to dual franchisee with Caci – now she’s Operations Manager.

Although Caci franchisees come from all walks of life, Penny believes what attracts them to the franchise is a love for skincare and beauty therapy, and, frequently, a connection with the brand.

‘Our franchisees share a genuine interest in people and a desire to help build customers’ self-confidence as a result of the various skin treatments on offer, including cosmetic injectables, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal and body shaping,’ says Penny, the franchise’s Operations Manager. ‘They also love the idea of owning their own business, particularly one that comes with so much support.’

While existing business skills will help new franchisees get up to speed fast, she says there’s no need to have industry-related qualifications. ‘Being a good all-rounder goes a long way, and you will employ trained professionals for the procedures themselves. The main thing for franchisees is to have a passion to learn in order to fill any gaps in  your knowledge.’

Penny clearly remembers the day she was motivated to invest in her own Caci franchise.

‘I was visiting a Caci clinic one day in my role as Sales Manager when a customer came in for a review of her treatment for acne scarring. I saw the incredible results of the treatment and the customer’s renewed confidence in herself. It was life-changing for her, and I was so blown away by it.’

When she heard that a new Caci franchise was being established in her home town of New Plymouth, Penny jumped at the opportunity. After following the necessary due diligence process for purchasing the franchise, she opened the doors of her own business in May 2011.

Penny hadn’t worked in a Caci clinic herself before, but had learned she would need diligence and determination to succeed – and succeed she did, right from day one.

‘I actually met my first month’s budget on my very first day! I jokingly said to my accountant, “I’m now worried about all the money I’m going to make!” It became a very successful business.’ Five years later, she invested in a second Caci clinic in Taupo, growing that too before selling both and returning to Auckland – and the Caci support team – as Operations Manager.

Focus and understanding
Given her experience on both sides of the business, Penny’s advice to potential Caci franchisees is to be clear on your reason for getting into the business and start with the end in mind. Ask yourself what success looks like in 5, 10 or 15 years’ time. ‘Like any business, it does require hard work and focus. The most successful Caci franchisees are those who are the most passionate about the brand and everything that goes with it. You can’t overestimate how much passion will take you through if you have clear goals.’

She says a typical day for a Caci clinic owner involves working on business growth initiatives and leading their team including qualified professionals, as well as managing and enhancing the overall customer experience.

The beauty of the relationship between Caci franchisees and the  Caci support system is that it is built on total understanding. ‘It’s  about knowing each individual franchisee’s needs – advising as and when required to fill in any gaps in knowledge and help them grow,’  says Penny.

‘The franchise support team is well in tune with the daily challenges and triumphs experienced by franchisees, and we work closely with franchisees to deliver total brand consistency and a flawless customer experience. Our franchisees are our business partners who have invested in the brand too, so we all want the same positive outcomes.’

Now’s good
In 2019, Caci celebrated its 25th anniversary – a major milestone for New Zealand’s most-trusted skin treatment and cosmetic injectables provider.

‘With 89 percent brand recognition, Caci holds the biggest share of the sector and we are still expanding,’ says Penny. ‘Clinics are experiencing good year-on-year growth, and we don’t expect that to change. People always want to look and feel good, and the flexibility we provide our customers in terms of memberships and payment plans is really  well received.’

Currently, Caci has 53 franchised clinics throughout New Zealand across both metropolitan areas and regional territories, with another 3 to be opened in the new financial year. ‘We’d love to have more clinics in areas from Northland and Auckland to Whanganui, Canterbury, Southland, Dunedin and Otago, but feel free to enquire about other areas, too. If the population and demographics work, we’ll help you to get into a Caci clinic of your own.’ Investment levels start from around $300,000 +gst.

Which begs one final question for Penny: would she ever consider making the switch from the franchise office back to the coalface a second time as a Caci franchisee?

‘As a matter of fact, I can see myself owning a clinic again, because I absolutely enjoy that side of the business. Give me a call and I’ll tell you why it’s so rewarding – and why it might suit you, too.’

Are you motivated? Ready to put in the effort and enjoy the rewards of owning a successful, beautiful business? 

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