Surprising skincare tips you need to know

Skin surprise Tips Caci


Get a fresh start on your skincare routine this year with our roundup of the surprising tips that can make a big difference to your skin.

For happy, healthy skin that really glows, it’s all about giving your complexion everything it needs to look its best. With that in mind, whether you’re a seasoned skincare junkie or new to the beauty game, there are always a few surprising tips and tricks that can help make a real difference to your skincare. 

Keep reading to find out what you could be missing from your skin routine.

Don’t be afraid to switch it up

While consistency is important for happy skin, sometimes it’s worth shaking things up. For one thing, skin can get used to certain products and ingredients over time, so a product you loved before might not be as effective for you now.

In addition, your skin can go through several changes as you grow older – so if you’ve noticed your skin type getting drier, for example, it’s a good idea to change your routine to address what your skin needs now rather than what it needed a few months or years ago.

By making the right changes to your routine – whether that’s a new skincare product or advanced facial treatment – you can give your skin an extra helping hand.

Coverage is key

Did you know your ‘face’ actually ends at your décolletage? We all know how important it is to care for the skin on our faces, but it’s easy to forget about the skin on our neck, chest and shoulders too. 

When you’re applying your favourite skincare products, make sure to extend it down past your jawline and neck to cover your décolletage as well. This is especially critical as we head into summer, so don’t forget to apply enough sunscreen everywhere that needs it!

Preparation is your best bet

When it comes to skincare, a proactive approach is the best approach. Sunscreen is a daily essential for protecting your skin from the ageing effects of UV rays, but if you’re thinking about doing more to prevent lines and wrinkles, you may want to consider appearance medicine. At Caci, your cosmetic injections are administered by registered nurses, who undergo regular training to ensure you’re always getting the best results.