Skin 101: Your Skin and the Festive Season

Skin 101: Your Skin and the Festive Season


We're here to tell you to indulge. Yes, eat that pavlova and go for those left overs... ⁠⠀
🍫 Chocolate in your stocking? Dig in. ⁠⠀
🍾 Third glass of fancy bubbly that Mum only pops on special occasions? Top up your glass. ⁠⠀
💤 Forget removing make up before bed? Okay, too far.⁠⠀
The best thing that you can do for your skin, and yourself, this festive season—is to enjoy the festive season! Sure, don't over do it but what's the point in celebrating Christmas if you can't enjoy the good stuff, right? ✨⁠⠀
Read on to get our tips on enjoying the festive season but keeping your skin (and body) in check.

Enjoy the festivities!
Enjoy it - but try not to overdo it! Enjoying yourself and eating those treats will help to release dopamine, the happy hormone, which not only feels good but also assists in proper skin functioning and a health appearance by increasing microcirculation and improving skin barrier recovery.

Always remove makeup before bed!
This should go without saying, right? Our skin goes through its most important regenerative processes at night, shedding dead skin cells and replacing them with new ones. Makeup left on from Christmas parties or sunscreen from days at the beach can stop that natural exfoliation process, as can oil dirt and other skin surface build-up. The result? Congestion, dullness and uneven skin texture. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse Caci lovers!

Fresh air and movement are your friends
Moving your body and breathing fresh air is proven to decrease tension while boosting and stabilising your mood. As we all know, exercising also increases endorphins which improve your sleep and reduce stress. Allocate a few times a week to prioritise movement and make sure you fit it in. It's amazing how a quick walk around the block can benefit your mood and energy levels.

Maintain that routine
You maintain your routine with at-home care and regular Caci appointments all year round, so why would you stop over summer? While our clinics are closed over the break (and you'll most likely be lying on the beach) it's still important to keep up with your at-home skincare routine. Just like athletes need to train to succeed, so does your skin. The more consistent you are with your routine, the more you help your skin's natural regeneration cycle to train, learn and improve. These cycles are also why it can be difficult to get rid of acne fast!

SPF is your BFF
Sunscreen should be part of your festive skin routine (and all year round!) regardless of if you are hitting the beach or not. Skinsmiths Daily Defence Sheer Sunscreen or Murad's City Skin Broad Spectrum are great options to protect your beautiful skin! Other SPF essentials include Murad's Essential C Eye Cream SPF15 and your favourite pair of sunglasses.

Plus, some festive season skin tips from our Clinical Director, Brandy

Tip 1: "Include Vitamin C in your skincare regime. It is not only an important co-factor in collagen production, but it is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are great for the skin because they help combat the effects of UV exposure and pollutants."

Tip 2: "Exfoliate! Muggy, hot weather and party makeup are factors that contribute to congested skin. This can cause blackheads, rough skin texture and cause makeup to sit in a clumpy way on the skin. Regular exfoliation can easily prevent this as well as promote healthy skin and cell turnover."

Tip 3: "Hydrate! Not only does your body need more hydration in the warmer months, but your skin can potentially as well. Beach days, long bike rides, road trips, these can all contribute to dry, chapped skin. Use a quality moisturiser often."