Setting Your 2021 Skin Goals


A New Year's Resolution—but for your skin! Whether you want to banish blemishes, improve skin texture or say goodbye to those frown lines, we're here to help! Follow our five tips to setting your skin goals for 2021 below. Soon you'll be looking back on the year of 2021, and you'll see how far you've come!

1. Get specific

  • Skin goals, like 'good skin', is a nice to have—but how do you measure it? Pick something specific like:
  • Decrease hormonal breakouts on my chin
  • Wear SPF every day
  • Prevent or reduce the appearance frown lines
  • Remove my make up before bed
  • Get repetitive with retinol

Setting a specific skin goal will help you better track progress plus it means you'll be able to recognise once you've achieved it (and celebrate accordingly)!

2. Where's the measuring tape?
It’s important to ask yourself—'can I measure the progress I do, or don't make?' If the answer is yes, great. Proceed by outlining how you will measure your progress in achieving that skin goal. If not, it's best to find a goal you can measure. It’s nice to have a goal to work towards with a reward in place too!

3. Is it within reach?
Be real with yourself. If you don't—it might lead to disappointment. Everyone’s skin is unique so, be kind to yourself. Ensure your goals are motivating but don't set them out of reach.

4. What's it to do with skin?
Ensure your skin goals are relevant to your skin, and to the treatments, products, and lifestyle changes you're going to make to achieve those goals.

5. Progress makes perfect
If you can't see the progress, then it's easy to lose motivation and give up. To keep track, use the following page to outline your skin intentions for the year. Take photos, set reminders and get glowing!

We encourage you to have a chat with the team in clinic at Caci when setting these goals. They can have a close up look and will know your skin best and will be able to help you create the goals and make accurate recommendations on treatments and skincare products that will do their best to help you achieve them.

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