Nadine shares her Skin Health Story


We sat down with customer Nadine to talk about her experience being on Reformaskin, our Skin Health Membership at Caci NorthWest.

Tell us a bit about yourself Nadine

I am a 35 year old female who enjoys travelling, dancing, music and books. I have one cat, Gizmo. I adore animals and being an aunty to my nieces and nephews.

Why did you decide to go to Caci?

Caci clinic have always had a good reputation in NZ for beauty and skincare treatments. I work very hard in my career and felt like I deserved some regular pampering, as everyone does.

What treatments did you have?

I have had Microdermabrasion treatments, AHA facials, Hydrating facials, Sonophoresis Skincare Infusions and have just finished a plan for Laser Hair Removal.

What does feeling confident in your skin meant to you?

It means feeling good about my natural appearance and self. It means not conforming to covering up my skin with expensive make up to "look good". It means leaving the house with just a moisturiser and sunscreen on and feeling good about myself.

How would you describe your experience at the clinic?

The ladies at Caci NorthWest are just amazing. They have made me feel so welcome and cared for. I have recommended them to friends and family for their treatments and needs.

How would you describe your experience and relationship with the Caci staff?

The girls are so welcoming and friendly. Always smiling and happy to see me when I arrive. Other than my results I have had, they are the reason I keep my membership going. They are superstars!

How do you feel after the treatments?

I feel absolutely amazing afterwards. I feel relaxed, cared for and pampered. My skin looks and feels amazing afterwards. 

Have any of your friends, family or work colleagues commented on how your skin looks?

Yes, all the time. I always get compliments on how glowing my skin is looking. And I always get asked what I am going.

Have any of your friends, family or work colleagues commented on your increased confidence?

Yes. They love how confident I am to wear just BB cream or sunscreen instead of foundation. 

Have you told any of your friends, family or colleagues about your experience at Caci?

Yes! I have recommended Caci to many friends and family. My mum also goes to see them for treatments.

How would you sum up what Caci has done for you?

They have made me feel so confident in my own skin. Caci make me feel so pampered and looked after, and that I matter to them. That my results matter to them. I wouldn't go with any other Beauty Therapy company and am a forever loyal Caci member.