Isolation Selfcare Tips from Caci Merivale


The team at Merivale have let us in on their top tips to feel good whilst in lockdown. Got tips of your own? Let us know on Facebook

Andrea - Nurse
Make sure you give yourself at least half an hour of “me” time a day. Reading a book, going for a walk or simply relaxing. Do something that makes you happy.

Niki - Retired nurse
Always wear your lipstick

Sarah - Treatment Coordinator
Spend 10-30 mins, depending on your skin type, in the sunshine. Doing this just a few times a week will allow you to enjoy the benefits of vitamin D, such as increased serotonin production (hello good moods). But, always remember your SPF!

Kathy - Customer Service Manager
Alwaysremember to apply you sunscreen. Even on the cooler days.

Samantha - Skin Specialist
Drink plenty of water! It's so important for mental health/clarity. Plus it helps to hydrate the skin and reduce puffiness.

Sarah F - Nurse
Try to do some form of exercise each day, even when you don’t feel like it. You will feel so much better afterwards and it is crucial for physical and mental well being.

ée - Skin specialist
Stay connected to friends and family with phone calls or texts.

Michelle - Skin Specialist
After cleansing your your skin, remember to lock the moisture in straight away by applying your moisturiser or Skinsmiths Hydration Booster. This will help hydration and stop evaporation within the skin.

Hillary - Skin Specialist & Receptionist
Make sure you get your sleep - a study has shown that poor quality of sleep can actually increase signs of aging and diminish skin barrier functions. To keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best, try getting the recommended amount of sleep every night.

Georgia - Treatment Coordinator & Skin Specialist
Massage your face while cleansing - by taking your time to gently massage your face before rinsing, you’re able to boost circulation and create a fresher looking complexion, whilst also making sure you have thoroughly cleansed your skin of impurities.