"The difference in my skin is incredible and I now hold my head a little higher."



We love hearing about our customer's experience at Caci.

Donna is one of our customers on a skin health membership at Caci Orewa. Check out her story:

"I have been going to Caci Orewa for over a year now.  At first I was so hesitant, I thought only really beautiful ladies went to Caci and I had so many skin issues so I never made that appointment! Eventually as the years rolled on and my skin started showing so many signs of ageing (ageing is not a bad thing, I just want to age gracefully) I made my first appointment which was a consultation with Deborah and she was fantastic, I was so nervous but she made all my concerns so normal and I did not feel like a freak." 
"Soon after this I had my first appointment with Sheridyn and what can I say. Sheridyn was amazing, so caring, and even a year later she still makes me feel important! and like royalty! When I leave after a treatment, I am always much more relaxed and feel amazing. There is nothing better than going to see Sheridyn, she ensures I am using the best products and that I am getting the best results for my skin. She is a star in my eyes and I love it when I have an appointment with her. The difference in my skin is incredible and I now hold my head a little higher, my confidence has grown considerably. She is an amazing young lady."
"My only other experience is with Caroline who completed 4 sessions of - Microneedling, which is a very cool treatment. Caroline from the first instance was patient (as I was nervous) she treated my skin with such care. My experience was slight discomfort and amazing results. I am about to celebrate by 60th birthday and I am constantly congratulated on how young I look. My results are from the hard work of the team at Caci Orewa."
"So I guess the short of it, I do love Caci Orewa, they have changed my life where I did not think it was possible. I do have a way to go as I have acne scars from my teenage years but I know I am in the right place to get the right treatment. Next week I am about to start my next big adventure of Fractional CO2 Laser! Cant wait!"