What made you decide to start on a ChillSculpt treatment plan at Caci?

Like all woman we usually have one area that no matter what we do the fat won’t bulge. For me that is my tummy and the back of my hips which gives you those not so lovely little muffin tops. I can’t have ChillSculpt on my tummy as I have a hernia from being pregnant with my twins, so I had the treatment on the back of my hips to help slim down the overall area.

What results have you noticed so far? Are you happy with your results to date?  

I have noticed that my jeans don’t tug at my skin at the back of my hips as much anymore. It's hard to see the difference in photos as it's an area that’s rarely photographed. But it’s nice knowing that I don’t have that back bulge showing through the my t-shirt when wearing jeans - as it’s hard to spot that area when looking in the mirror – so it’s nice to know it’s been taken care of.

Did you have any thoughts about the treatment before starting?

I was scared of it hurting, but Karen (my treatment provider) put me at ease. For the first few minutes it’s an odd sensation - it wasn’t sore, but it was uncomfortable. But as soon as the area went numb (after about 2 minutes) it was a completely manageable sensation.

What in particular have you enjoyed most about being on a treatment plan at Caci?

The team are friendly and are always going out of their way to make me comfortable and are happy to fit my appointments around my schedule. I feel like they really care about making my time at Caci as enjoyable as possible.