You’ve tried diet and exercise, but are struggling to reduce that stubborn bulge

Sometimes even after diet and exercise, we need a little help on those stubborn spots. If you have a healthy diet, regularly exercise and have a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index), but still have an annoying area that won’t seem to reduce, ChillSculpt can help. Our body shaping treatment, targets fat in those stubborn areas to shape and reduce the area. Common areas include the abdomen, love handles, back and thighs.

You want something with proven results

Cryolipolysis is the technology behind ChillSculpt, it’s an FDA approved treatment for fat reduction. With over 1 million cryolipolysis procedures performed worldwide, it is proven to be a safe and effective way to reduce stubborn fat. At Caci, we’ve seen great results from clients on our ChillSculpt programme, with clients losing up to 3cm after their first treatment!

You want to target pesky areas without surgery or downtime

If you’re looking for a fat reduction treatment but don’t want invasive surgery, or simply don’t have the time required to take weeks off work, ChillSculpt is ideal. ChillSculpt is non-invasive, performed only by our highly trained nurses and beauty therapists. The treatment itself only takes around an hour, compared to other fat reduction treatments such as liposuction, which can hours. Plus, ChillSculpt, requires no downtime! You can pop in during a lunch break, then go straight back to work and resume normal activities immediately.

You want an affordable treatment where you have the choice to pay it off gradually

ChillSculpt is more affordable compared to other fat reduction treatments such as tummy tucks and liposuction, costing around $450 per treatment. On a ChillSculpt programme, the cost per session is reduced, and we also offer payment plans to suit your lifestyle and budget. So you can pay off your treatments gradually in a way that suits you, whether that’s monthly, weekly or fortnightly. Learn more about our payment plan