Here at Caci, we know that healthy, happy skin takes time – which is why we developed our Reformaskin plan to give you a schedule of targeted treatments, delivered expertly by our team in-clinic.

Conditioning treatments make up a key part of our Reformaskin plan, but if you've never heard of the term before or haven't been to see us at a Caci clinic yet, you might be wondering exactly what they are!

Read on for all the top tips you need to know about this skincare staple.

What are conditioning treatments?

These treatments are designed to maintain healthy skin, optimise hydration levels and improve texture and tone. They're ideal for including in your regular beauty routine as they're gentle, yet effective – and over time, will help deliver lasting results.

They include:

* Microdermabrasion - a resurfacing treatment that improves texture and reduces congestion

* Sonophoresis Infusion – ultrasound technology helps powerful skin-loving ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin

* LED Light Therapy – a non-invasive treatment using LED light to treat acne and reduce inflammation

Why are they important?

Think of conditioning treatments as a gym for your skin. Regular sessions help your complexion look its best and maintain the health of your skin over time.

Conditioning treatments also ensure your skin is prepared for any advanced treatments you may choose to follow up with as well. These include our Photo Rejuvenation, Micro Needling and Fractional C02 Laser treatments, which target more specific concerns.

If you've got a specific skin concern you'd like more advice about, our team of skin experts are here to help – simply book in your free consultation to find out more. Plus, until June 30, you can treat yourself to one of our skin conditioning treatments for only $50 – find out more here