The more the merrier!

One-off facials are a great way to treat yourself, but to achieve truly, lasting results; one facial won’t do. Consistency is key. Just like going to the gym, your skin needs regular workouts to start to respond and achieve results.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

It may seem like a good idea to pamper yourself the day before a special occasion, but it’s not always a great idea. Facials work by targeting underlying skin issues so in order to see the best results in time for the special event – book in at least a week in advance, for glowing, healthy looking skin.

Medications can determine which facial you should get

Before you book your facial; make sure you mention if you’re on any medication. Some (for example: Roaccutane, antibiotics, oral contraception) can change the way your skin reacts to the facial. We will work with you based on your concerns and make sure you’re treated with the best one to suit you.

You should take a rest day from the gym

To achieve best results; we recommend avoiding a sweat session immediately afterwards. After a facial, your skin can sometimes be a bit sensitive; which sweat and heat may irritate. Your skin will also be clean and de-congested after a facial, a gym workout will counteract this! You’re better to head to the gym 24 hours after your facial.  

Not all facials are created equal

At Caci, we have over 10 to choose from; which all are designed to treat specific concerns and achieve great results; from treating dehydrated skin to targeting environmentally damaged skin. Check out the range here.