They get up early

We’ve all had those mornings where everything is a rush and we’re madly running around the house to get ready on time. Avoid the stress and manic by setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier. Getting ready at a relaxed pace starts your day off calmly and helps your mood stay lifted throughout the day.

They workout

Exercising in the morning is a great way to get your mind and body moving, energising yourself for a successful day ahead. Getting it out of the way first thing also means there’s no excuse for skipping your workout later because of a long day at work, or other commitments (eg wine time with your best friend, or quality time with family)

They make a to-do list; in priority order 

Visualising your day and having a plan of attack helps gather your thoughts and provide clarity on what exactly needs to be done each day. Taking five minutes each morning to write down your top five priorities for the day (in order of importance) can put you on track for the day.  

They always eat breakfast

Food= fuel. Just like a car won’t run without petrol, it’s essential for your body to be well nourished in order to perform at your best. Here are some of our favourite (and easy) breakfasts to start the day.

  • Avocado on wholegrain toast (full of good fats, complex carbs and protein)
  • A colourful smoothie. We love Dr Murad’s Hydrating Pomegranate Smoothie for hydrated, supple skin. Get the recipe here.
  • Omelette with spinach (packed with protein to keep you full, plus Vitamin A and Iron for healthy skin and increased energy)

They take a moment for themselves

With work and family commitments, it’s hard to find time to relax and do something for yourself. The morning is the perfect time to do so; to start the day with joy and something that makes you happy. For some it’s listening to a podcast or their favourite soundtrack, for others it could be taking 10 minutes to meditate and clear your mind before starting the day.