Your workout is making you eat more

We all know exercise is important for good health, but can it be too much of a good thing when it comes to weight loss?

Vigorous exercise, particularly cardio, can stimulate hunger, making us want to eat more than usual. While there’s no easy way to avoid this, reduce exercise induced hunger by not only doing cardio, but a range of weights instead which won’t make you as hungry.

Does this sound familiar? “Yes I’ll have some cake, I’ve been to the gym today”. It’s easy to make exercise your excuse to say yes to food, which can reverse all your hard work! Try remind yourself that exercise doesn’t wipe away all the food we’ve eaten and instead of rewarding yourself with food after a great workout, take time out to read a book or treat yourself to a facial or massage.

The foods you’re eating have more calories than you realise

A plan to add lots of healthy, wholesome foods such as quinoa, avocado and nuts into your diet may seem like a good one, but think twice before giving yourself a second helping. Although these foods may be healthy, they’re very calorie dense. For example, did you know that half an avocado is adding up to 160 calories to your salad? Or a handful of almonds can cost you nearly 100 calories. Still eat these foods, but in moderation. Try filling up your plate on lower calorie health foods such as carrots (30 calories), capsicums (40 calories) and lean meats such as skinless chicken (140 calories).

You’ve been doing the same workout for too long

If you’ve been going to the same step class and lifting the same weights each week, it’s time for a change. Doing the same workout over and over means your body isn’t pushing itself and sadly, not burning as many calories!  

Our bodies love change so add an extra kilogram to your weights and crank up the resistance on the bike. You will be surprised about the big results you can see from little changes.

You’re not sleeping enough

Not getting enough sleep can not only make you feel tired, but make you gain weight! In an international study, people were only given five hours sleep each night and some gained as much as two pounds over a week!

Why? Lack of sleep can cause us to eat more and brings our sugar and carbohydrate cravings to a high. Try getting into bed an hour earlier to reduce those cravings and keep your waist line happy!

Are you counting drink calories?

It’s not only your meals you’ve got to watch, think about what you’re sipping with it! Did you know your morning latte has as many as 250 calories? (That’s the same as 2 pieces of toast).  Try to always choose water with your meals. To add a bit of interest try sparkling with a lime or lemon.