You’re damaging your skin each time you shave

Regular shaving puts stress on our skin; showing itself in ingrown hairs and razor burn, particularly on sensitive skin. Plus, ever noticed those little red bumps that appear after shaving - that’s caused by a bacteria ridden blade! Yuck!

When you shave, hair grows back quickly and prickly- there’s another way!

We’ve all experienced just how much of a short term solution shaving can be when we notice hair re-growth just a few days after a time consuming shaving session! Not to mention, prickly, sharp re-growth!

Laser hair removal is a long term solution for unwanted hair, delivering lasting results, so you don’t have to constantly shave and deal with prickly re-growth! Laser Hair Removal works by passing a light beam through the unwanted hair area which generates heat to loosen the hair and disables the hair forming cells.

Guess how much time you’re wasting shaving your legs?

On average, women spend a whole day every year shaving their legs! That’s right, 24 hours each year just shaving! We’re all have busy lives with work, kids, and friends, and can definitely think of better ways to be spending this time!

You’ll also never guess how much money you’re spending on constant shaving?

Razors can cost up to $25 each and dermatologists recommend replacing them after just a few uses! That could set you back over $300 a year!  With laser hair removal, you can ditch the razor (and its costs!). On our laser hair removal treatment plan, we offer a range of payment options and plans starting from only $22 a week, with truly long lasting results!

Say goodbye to hairy situations!

Whether it’s lifting your arm up to grab something on the supermarket shelf, or waving them around the dancefloor on a Friday night; there’s no need to be self-conscious or worry if unwanted hair is under control! Laser hair removal delivers silky, smooth, hair free skin so you can be confident no matter what situation you’re in.