They’re organized

Confident women know that to tackle each day effortlessly; a bit of prep work is required. Set aside 15 minutes each night before bed to get things organized for the next day, whether it be to read over notes in preparation for a big meeting in the morning; or organize a killer outfit so you know you’ll look your best without the panic in the morning!

They don’t need validation from others

Praise and approval from others is always appreciated, but shouldn’t be essential or dictate the way you do things. If you set your own goals and work towards them; it shouldn’t matter what others think. A good way to put this into practice, is to ask yourself “why am I doing this?” when setting goals or tasks. The answer should always contain “I”.

They’re authentic

To be your most confident, you need to be yourself. Not what you think you should be, or what others want you to be. Play at your own strengths; this shines through as confidence and self-assurance.

They spend time alone

Confident women know the importance of having your own hobbies and scheduling “me” time. No matter how busy your social calendar is; taking time out to do something for yourself practices independence and freedom to work on your own goals. Try that new dance class you couldn’t drag your mates to, or put a 20-minute walk in your diary for each week, where you can focus on your own thoughts.

They know how to say no

People pleasers; listen up! Confident women don’t overcommit and make promises to people they either can’t keep, or will cause them to stress. Remember to keep your own priorities in check and have time for rest and recovery (because burnout is not fun for anyone!)