You've been diligently following a comprehensive skincare routine, you never sleep in your makeup and you read the ingredients lists on all your beauty products obsessively.  

Yet, for some unknown reason, your skin isn't looking its best – sound familiar?  

Breakouts, bumps and persistent spots can affect all of us, even those who can usually count on a flawless complexion.  

Here are some of the surprising reasons why you might be breaking out: 

Your environment 

Throughout the course of a day, your hands come into contact with a variety of surfaces and bacteria picked up from there can transfer onto your skin. Keep hand sanitiser around and try to be conscious about not touching your face – you might be surprised at how often it happens! 

Your phone 

Whether you're making calls, scrolling through Instagram or sending messages, it's safe to say phones get a lot of use – and they could be the culprit behind a seemingly random breakout. Wipe down your screen regularly to ensure it's not building up dirt and bacteria that could transfer to your skin.  

Over-applying spot treatments 

Skincare products aimed at zapping pimples typically contain ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. While these can be effective, applying too much and too often could have the unintended side effect of drying out your skin, causing it to produce more oils and potentially, more pimples. 


Stress affects us physically in many different ways, and your skin is no different. If you're dealing with higher stress levels than usual, this could trigger a breakout or exacerbate existing pimples.  

If you have a skin concern you'd like more advice about, we'd highly recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation with one of our skin specialists. You'll receive expert advice tailored to your concerns, and more information on the treatment options to help you get the results you're looking for.