While we’re sad to see summer go, there’s plenty we’re looking forward to about autumn and winter too – from the chance to pull out our coats and boots again to nights in watching Netflix! 

Like any other seasonal change, however, it’s a good time to take this opportunity to rethink your beauty routine. What’s working for you right now, what’s not, and what can you do to make sure your skin is fully protected and hydrated as we head into the new season?

Read on for our top tips and tricks on getting ahead of the winter chill and cold weather-proofing your skincare routine!

Smart swaps to make with your skincare products

Now is a great time to consider switching some of your staple skincare products for creamier, more nourishing versions that pack a bigger punch in terms of hydration. This is especially important for dry skin types, but everyone can benefit from more moisture in the colder months!

Try swapping your gel cleanser for a cream-based alternative, and switching to a rich moisturiser with plenty of emollient, occlusive and humectant ingredients to soften, attract moisture to the skin and help seal it in. Hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, mango seed butter, shea butter and glycerin are all powerhouse ingredients to look out for. 

You can also layer serums and face masks into your routine to provide more hydration, and use a face mist to spritz your skin whenever you’re feeling particularly dry.

Take your hydration levels up a notch

For hydration at a deeper level, it’s worth popping into your local clinic and trying out a skincare infusion. This skin conditioning treatment uses sound wave technology and micro currents to push an infusion of skin-boosting ingredients deeper into the dermis, where it can more effectively hydrate, reduce redness and encourage collagen production and cell turnover.

The result? Glowing, hydrated, happy skin. For more information, we’d recommend booking in for a free consultation at your nearest clinic.

Be gentle with your skin

When it comes to winter skincare, there are a few small changes you can make on an everyday basis that will make a big difference. For example, did you know that using water that’s too hot while washing your face can irritate delicate skin and contribute to redness? While it might be tempting, we say stick to lukewarm water to be as gentle as possible with your skin, and use a mild, non-irritating cleanser.

It’s also a good idea to avoid heavily fragranced products as these can cause irritation, and moisturise as soon as possible after washing to minimise moisture loss. 

With the right prep and a hydrating treatment every now and then, you (and your skincare routine) will be able to take winter in your stride.