Why is it important to home roll?

Home rolling is a great treatment that can be done at home to help with cell renewal, increase collagen production, improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of scarring and wrinkles. What you do at home needs to compliment and support what you do in clinic, that’s why every Reformaskin skin rejuvenation programme includes a home roller, so you can get the best possible results.


What’s the difference between a home roll, and in clinic?

Home rollers use a shorter needle length, which focus on allowing better penetration of home skin care products. Clinic medical rolling uses slightly longer needles that penetrate down in to the dermis, focusing on specific skin concerns like lines and wrinkles, UV damage, scaring, uneven skin tone and texture.


How does it help when using products at home?

The roller uses tiny needles to create channels in the skin, which allows for deeper penetration of skin care products. By opening up these channels in the skin, your treatment product will work faster and better than a normal topical application.


Does it hurt?

When used correctly, it’s not painful but can feel a bit uncomfortable around boney areas (forehead/jaw line), generally we suggest rolling gently over those areas, and pushing slightly harder on your areas of concerns.


How often should I do a home roll?

For best results, you should try and use your roller around 1-2 per week, but this can vary depending on dermal roller size and your skin. If you’re new to home rolling, don’t put a serum on the first time; try rolling a few times first to prep your skin, and then start with the treatment product.


What is the aftercare / what should I do afterwards?

Immediately after you have rolled you whole face, apply the appropriate treatment product, which will be recommended by your Caci treatment provider. Then, sanitize your roller by and leave it dry before using it again. All of the care instructions are provided with your home roller kit.