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About Caci

At the forefront of the skincare

The first Caci clinic was opened in 1994 in Newmarket, Auckland by David and his wife Jackie Smith, a Registered Nurse. Offering advanced anti-ageing treatments in a day spa setting, the clinic revolutionised the beauty industry.

The brand was named after the Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument, or CACI, a machine which uses micro currents to tighten and tone sagging facial muscles. The treatment, which was introduced to New Zealand by the Caci clinic, has gained huge popularity around the world and is still in high demand with Caci clients.
Today, Caci remain at the forefront of the skincare and appearance industry with 31 Caci locations throughout New Zealand offering Appearance Medicine, Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal and Beauty Therapy treatments.

Our Mission
At Caci, we want to help you look and feel your best.
We take pride in tailoring our solutions for each client to ensure the very best results are achieved. We also aim to make beauty affordable for everyone, with treatment programs that offer easy payment options.

Our Staff
Caci staff are not only selected because they are the very best at what they do, they are also 'people people' through and through. From our reception staff, right through to our senior consultants and managers, you will feel very welcome at Caci. Caci employ some of the best beauty therapists, appearance medicine nurses and skincare experts in the country, so you can be assured of service excellence.

Our staff adhere to the very highest safety standards and receive the very best training and support under the guidance of the Caci Clinical Advisory Board.
Standing on the Caci Clinical Advisory Board is Mr Julian Lofts, Dr Ron Goedeke, Registered Nurses Jackie Smith & Kate Allen, and Lisa Russell, Caci Academy Manager.
We always strive to improve our service and we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact us directly or use our online feedback form here.